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Friends Homes is dedicated to the letter and spirit of Equal Housing Opportunity. To apply for future residence, please download an application or call us at (336) 292-8187, and we will be glad to mail you an application. We encourage you to visit and tour both of the Friends Homes communities.

bullet Age - The minimum age for apartments is 60.
bullet Race - Persons are admitted without regard to race, color, or national origin in keeping with our philosophy and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
bullet Religion - Applicants of all religious faiths are welcome.
bullet Health - Incoming residents must be capable of complete self care.

Admission Process
After the application and the application fee is received and the references are checked, an applicant is notified of his/her acceptance. Applicants may indicate whether they prefer Friends Homes at Guilford or Friends Homes West and the size accommodation they prefer. Applicants also may indicate an approximate time they would be ready for admission. When the appropriate accommodation becomes available, applicants are notified on a first come first served basis.

bullet HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
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Located in Beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina

Schedule Your Personal Tour:
Friends Homes West (336) 292-9952
Friends Homes at Guilford (336) 292-8187