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bulletAre meals included in the monthly fee for independent living and, if so, how many?

At Friends Homes, each resident is entitled to one meal per day in the dining room; it is included in the monthly fee. Additional meals may be purchased individually or on a monthly basis.

bulletDo both of the Friends Homes campuses have three levels of care available?
Yes, both Friends Homes at Guilford and Friends Homes West have the complete continuum of care including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care.
bulletDoes Friends Homes allow pets?
Pets are not allowed in individual residences with the exception of the cottages on the Friends Homes at Guilford campus.  We do, however, have cats living in our Skilled Care Centers that are cared for by staff and enjoyed by all the residents.  We also have therapy pets that come to visit the residents of Assisted Living and Skilled Care.
bulletIf you call me and I'm not ready, will my name go to the bottom of the list?
No.  We do not call you until you have indicated that you are ready to consider a move to Friends Homes.  If you are not ready or if you desire a different type of apartment, we will attempt to call you again at the time you request or when the type of unit you want is available.  We always begin to fill a vacancy by calling the applicant who has been on the waiting list the longest, who has communicated readiness to enter and who has requested the type of apartment we have available.
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