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Entrance Policies

bulletCan I move directly into your assisted living?
Friends Homes can admit directly to assisted living or skilled nursing only when there is space not needed by current residents.  If you have need for healthcare, please call to check availability.
bulletDo both of Friends Homes' campuses have all levels of care available?
Yes, both Friends Homes West and Friends Homes at Guilford have the complete continuum of care including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care.
bulletDo you have a refund policy?
The Friends Homes West and Hobbs Hall apartments at Friends Homes at Guilford have a five year declining refund on the entrance fees.
bulletDo you have to be a Quaker to live at Friends Homes?
No, residents of Friends Homes are a very diverse group representing many different denominations and religious traditions.
bulletDoes Friends Homes have a waiting list?
Yes, Friends Homes maintains a waiting list and most vacancies are filled from the list.  Because there are so many options for independent living, the length of time one must wait for admission can vary greatly.
bulletWhat does fee for service mean?
This means that each resident pays a monthly fee based on the level of care they are receiving. When a resident moves from one level of care to another, the monthly fees are adjusted to reflect the additional care they are receiving.
bulletWhen should I apply?
It is never too early to put in an application.  Friends Homes will not contact you until you indicate that you are ready to consider an opening.  
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