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Friends Homes Inc. is fortunate to have an experienced management team providing stable leadership. With a combination of talents and expertise, the management team works with more than 420 employees serving the two communities.

bulletArnie Thompson

Arnie has been with The Presbyterian Homes Inc. since December of 2000 where he was originally appointed as the Controller. In December 2005 he was appointed as the Associate Director of River Landing of Sandy Ridge and effective August 1, 2016 he was appointed as the Executive Director at Friends Homes, Inc. Arnie obtained his BSBA in Accounting from Appalachian State University and has his CPA certificate. He also holds a license as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA). 

Arnie lives in Greensboro with his wife Kathleen and daughter Helen. 

bulletMissy McGinnis

bulletDonna Sprinkle
Donna Sprinkle joined the staff of Friends Homes, Inc. in 2013 as the Administrator of Friends Homes West. A graduate of Guilford College, she completed a three-year internship at Kendal in Longwood in Pennsylvania. She earned a MS in Public Policy and Public Administration from Purdue University and is also a certified Paralegal. As a licensed administrator, she has had a career in nursing home administration.

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