Looking Forward to Expanding Friendships

Published: January 29, 2020

Friends Homes’ upcoming expansion has many current and future residents excited, including Ellen and Elwood Parker. And for good reason. In addition to 93 new homes, plans include upgrades and additions to the amenities available to all residents and residents of the future.

For the Parkers, the expansion made their decision to move here relatively simple. They have already reserved one of the new townhomes and plan to make their move in 2021. However, Ellen and Elwood have been neighbors of the community for more than 50 years. With their familiarity with the community, Friends Homes offers something so much more than creature comforts.

“We’ve been working at Guilford College and living nearby for a half-century,” says Elwood, “experiencing vicariously through resident friends the services and, most importantly, the friendships that are made and retained in living at Friends Homes.”

More recently, Elwood has been serving on the Friends Homes Board of Trustees. This has given him and Ellen an up-close perspective as to the inner workings of management, leadership and the organization.

“I’ve been newly impressed by the neighborliness incorporated into day-to-day activities,” he explains. “A community and organization informed by Quaker values is so important to our lifestyle.”

The expansion will add apartments, townhomes and cottages ranging in size from 1,400 to 1,900 square feet. In addition to being loaded with charm, the homes will feature granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and lots of windows to fill the open floor plans with light and warmth.

Current residents will also appreciate the enhanced wellness center, new sports court, as well as the new art studio. A new bistro with outdoor seating and an exceptional menu is also in the works, adding to the neighborhood feel and spirit of friendship that makes Friends Homes a special place.

“For us, the community’s desire for a genuine neighborhood is clearly exhibited in the plans for the upcoming expansions and renovations,” adds Elwood. “It was an easy decision for us.”

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