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Friends Homes: A Sound Financial Decision

A Life Plan Community not only provides peace of mind about your future care but also about future healthcare costs.

Choosing to remain at home in your retirement years can often seem like an attractive option, but it is wise to consider the costs and concerns that come with home ownership. Expenses — including unexpected ones — for things like home maintenance, yard work, appliance repair, housekeeping, and more can really add up. Many people also forget to factor in the cost of real estate taxes and homeowner’s association fees. A Life Plan Community frees you from all of these expenses and chores. You will not even have to change a light bulb.

Friends Homes offers a variety of accommodations, floor plans, and pricing structures, making our community an affordable option for a greater number of people. Our fee-for-service arrangement means residents pay only for the healthcare services they use. Independent living residents also enjoy priority access to all healthcare services on campus. This means that your family will never be burdened with locating appropriate assistance or health care in a crisis.


  • None of the costs associated with home ownership
  • All maintenance and landscaping are included
  • Real estate taxes are already included in fees
  • No unexpected expenses for appliance repair
  • A variety of accommodations to meet your needs
  • A choice of pricing structures to fit your budget