The Expansion is Taking Off at Friends Homes

Published: July 30, 2020

As our virtual groundbreaking gets ready to take place on July 31st, Susan Brewer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Friends Homes provides an update on the upcoming expansion projects for our Guilford and West campuses.

“We’ve been at a standstill for obvious reasons,” says Susan. “We had hoped to have had ‘meet and greets’ with the expansion depositors by now.”

Despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the expansion is moving forward. Overall, the project will add 93 new homes to the community and provide multiple enhancements to existing amenities.

The first groundbreaking is for 20 townhomes that are being added to the Guilford campus. On the West campus, the community is adding 73 units including cottages, townhomes and villa apartments.

“The villa apartments are really hybrid apartments,” explains Susan. “The layout is open with multiple views rather than the single views of typical apartments.  The Villa apartments also offer the convenience of underbuilding parking. They will feel more like a house than an apartment.”

And while expansion depositors and other future residents have new homes to look forward to, existing residents will benefit from the expansion as well. Among the improvements on the list is the community’s wellness center.

“Currently, our wellness center has a heated, indoor salt-water pool and exercise space,” says Susan.  The enhanced wellness center will include a bistro, indoor sports court, equipment room, enhanced health clinic and expanded locker rooms. “Upstairs we’re adding a spa and salon, a boardroom for residents and staff to use for multiple functions,” continues Susan. “We’re also adding art space and classroom space that will enhance the lifelong learning opportunities.”

Dining options are also getting an upgrade. “We’re renovating and expanding our main dining room on the West campus, shifting from cafeteria style to restaurant style dining,” says Susan. “We’re also opening up the kitchen to be viewable to diners — more like a modern restaurant.”

Along with providing for a more comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle for residents, another goal of the expansion is to maintain the right balance of nature and greenspace on the grounds. “Environmental stewardship is very important to our community and our values,” says Susan.

Part of the next phase of enhancements could coincide with a greenway expansion by the City of Greensboro that connects with the community, enhancing both the beauty and accessibility of the campus.

The design of the homes will also play a part in preserving the community’s peaceful, natural appeal. The new townhomes slated for the Guilford campus will be “designed for front-porch living,” Susan explains. The positioning and design of the homes will encourage interaction with the environment and fellow residents.

Friends Homes has a reputation of being a friendly, very down to earth community,” says Susan. “I think that folks who enjoy relationships and connecting with other people look forward to that here.”

Although the rates for the new homes are higher than the existing  apartments, Susan assures that rates are  still a great value. Keeping our fees at a reasonable cost is part of the Friends Homes mission, ” she says, “that we provide an environment that fosters independence and a sense of wholeness, health, and security at a reasonable cost.”

Looking ahead, Susan is excited to start meeting more with depositors and potential residents as the process continues to move forward, once restrictions on community visits ease. “When we can get future residents to meet the selections team — the architect, the builder and the interior designer — that’s where the process gets really fun,” Susan says.

The expansion of the Guilford townhomes was set to run through summer of 2021, with construction on the more extensive West campus projects to be completed by spring/summer 2022.

Anyone interested in learning more about the expansion at Friends Homes can contact Susan Brewer at or call (336)369-4313.

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