2022 Brightspire Olympics Inspires Community

Published: December 02, 2022

During the week of October 3, 2002, the residents of Friends Homes participated in the Brightspire Olympics. Over the course of the week, participants were able to travel to Brightspire communities: River Landing at Sandy Ridge, Glenaire, and Scotia Village.

Beginning in 2008, the Brightspire Olympics engages residents to participate in physical activity and friendly competition. This year’s events ranged from chair volleyball, Bocce, corn toss, golf, billiards, walking and more. With friendly, competitive spirits, the community cheered on their own residents, as well as the other participants.

“Taking residents to participate in the Brightspire Olympics for the first time, was so exciting, said Wellness Coordinator, Kayla McBane. Growing up on a court, field, and stage myself, I have always loved a friendly competition. This was a great opportunity to challenge our residents to step out of their comfort zone, or for some, to get back into participating in an activity they haven’t played in years. We just got our toes wet by competing in a few events, however, next year, we will be ready to dive in! We are already practicing our chair volleyball strategies. We were able to bring home a few bronze and silver medals, but we are shooting for GOLD in 2023!”

As Kayla mentioned, Friends Homes brought home some medals and made strides in many of the events. The women’s corn toss claimed a bronze medal, as well as the 150-piece puzzle team. The 300-piece puzzle team brought in a silver medal, with a completion time of 39 minutes.

For residents, the Olympics offer a unique opportunity to socialize within the Friends Homes community, as well as residents from the Brightspire communities. Nancy Glenz, a Friends Homes Olympian, and resident shared her thoughts about the weeklong events. “I believe all the participants would join me with a huge thank you to Brightspire for organizing and managing the wonderful Olympics this year. It was delightful to be able to participate in friendly competition with others that are so inclined and the opportunity for friendly camaraderie. We hope we will be able to participate more fully in the next Brightspire Olympics. I am sure a good time was had by all!”

A true highlight in the community, the Brightspire Olympics brought a lot of joy and spirited competition. With so many ways to participate, the community will have much to look forward to for the next round of Olympic events in 2023.

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