Board of Trustees

Guiding the Mission and Vision of Friends Homes

The Board of Trustees of Friends Homes upholds its founding principles and maintains a vision for the future.

The Friends Homes Board of Trustees plays an important role in the stewardship of Friends Homes’ mission and resources. Made up of local community and Quaker leaders as well as Friends Homes residents, the Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission as it grows to meet the changing needs of Greensboro’s older adults.

Friends Homes is thankful for the dedicated service, leadership, and vision of the men and women who make up our Board of Trustees.

2024 Board of Trustees

  • Jennifer Brigman
  • Kathy Adams
  • Jay Bumm
  • George Harris
  • Yvonne Johnson
  • Bill Carroll (FHG)
  • Alice Carroll
  • Marshall Hurley
  • Rudy Gordh
  • David Hobson
  • Dan Fisher (FHW)
  • Geraldine Brannon
  • Kathy Coe
  • Pete Cross
  • Nancy Glenz (FHG)
  • Barbara Jones (FHW)
  • Hector McEachern
  • Reggie Beeson
  • Betty Turner